November 14, 2022

5 Best Artist Interviews To Get You Inspired

Some days we could all use a little inspiration to spark our creativity and relight our fire. One of the best ways to progress as an artist has always been listening to and learning from people we look up to and learning from the paths they took and mistakes they’ve made. Not only is it a great way to re-inspire yourself but there’s always tips to be learned both about music and about life. We’ve collected a list of some of the most impactful interviews in our eyes so you can learn from the artists who have inspired us.

Fred Again With Zane Lowe

An artist that has been taking the industry by storm. This iconic interview where Fred Again sits down with Zane Lowe sheds a light on his creative process during a moment where he breaks down how he creates beautiful moments during his live shows using lush drones and spoken word poetry. It blew Zane's mind and it will blow yours to.

Pharrell With Rick Rubin

Two production legends having a deep and long winded conversation. It would be hard to make a list of iconic interviews with out including one from Rick Rubin's interview series. Rick is both an iconic producer and legendary innovator in the world of hip hop but also a highly inquisitive, in tune, and calm individual giving artists a comfort to open up like they might not during a more traditional interview. We had to pick the interview with Pharrell for the pure chemistry and amount of influence that the two have collectively had.

Desert Hearts

Atish is head of Manjumasi Records and frequently features guests from all over the industry on his YouTube channel. This episode features Mikey lion, head of desert Hearts - a record label and annual music festival based out of Southern California. Tune in to learn more about the global house music scene, throwing events focused on community and more.

Kenny Beats

Kenny Beats has been inspiring producers through his livestreams and youtube channel and is making a lasting impact on the upcoming generation of music producers. He has a knack for being both relatable and motivating and in this interview he tells his come up story which took a lot of turns and is highly relatable making you realize that success is possible it just takes time, determination, and patience.


Regardless of what genre you're in FINNEAS's influence on the music and production scene is undeniable. Sit back and enjoy this interview on the Zach Sang show that feels like two friends catching up while also shedding light on the come up store for both FINNEAS and Billie Eilish as well as key production and songwriting insights.

Learning from the people who came before you is one of the best ways to grow as an artist so we hope this list has provided you with some much needed inspiration and production insights.