December 17, 2020

5 Colorado-Based Artists To Watch For In 2021

New Something’s roots are in Colorado, a state with a vibrant music scene. We wanted to showcase some of the diverse talent that surrounds us, so here are five of our favorite up-and-comers to watch from our home state.

5. Haasy x Syrenne

Frequent collaborators Haasy and Syrenne are one of the most dynamic house duos in Colorado. Their most recent release, “Take Me High” featuring vocalist 709 is a club ready piano house tune with soulful saxophone licks from Syrenne. They’ve also performed b2b DJ sets at iconic venues such as the Fox Theatre in Boulder.

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Haasy and Syrenne on stage at the Fox Theatre,  Summer 2019.

4. MarMar

MarMar is the one artist on this list who has released a track with New Something. His style takes reference from future bass artists like Medasin and Galimatias as well as more emotional pop artists such as Clairo and Billie Eilish. Some of his most supported tracks feature vocalist Delaney Wesson, whose sweet-yet-somber vocals gel with MarMar’s unique production style to form a powerful electro-emo duo. Those looking for new faces from the softer side of EDM should keep a close eye out for MarMar in 2021.

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MarMar. 2020

3. Subb Theory  

Subb Theory is the collaborative project created by Boulder, CO experimental bass music producers Nyquist and Subb Spaced. Both artists work in a niche of bass music where the worlds of downtempo, psychedelic soundscapes and heavy bass meet. Here’s a Spotify link to their latest collaborative effort.

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Nyquist (front) and Subb Spaced (back) Nov. 2019

2. The Potentialist

The Potentialist is a bit hard to describe because they’re really in their own lane. They’re a duo, a bit funky, definitely a little hip-hop, a little electronic and always cranking out some silly, catchy hooks. They just released their first single, “Hop In My Whip” in 2020, a funky, ode to West Coast hip-hop with some pretty hot bars. Check out the music video for their single “Ray Bans” below.

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1. Skinny Limbs

Matthew Jacobs aka Skinny Limbs is a true renaissance man. Not only does he produce fire experimental trap music, he also makes high quality 3D render art, and started a bass music collective, Hemi Wav. Be sure to check out his latest EP, “God Self” which you can find on all platforms.

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Skinny Limbs’ virtual self portrait, 2020.

We hope that this list helped you discover a new favorite. There are loads more amazing up-and-coming artists from Colorado that we wish we could have added to this list, so we’ll be dropping another Colorado artist spotlight in early 2021.