October 3, 2022

If You Love Odesza You Need To Check Out These 5 Artists

Most of you probably know Odesza, an electronic duo from Bellingham, WA that exploded on the scene in 2014 with their album “In Return”. Known for their cinematic drums, lush textures, catchy vocal chops, and extraordinary live shows Odesza has created a sound that is uniquely theirs and is loved by many. After four years away from the public radar they released their third album “The Last Goodbye” and are currently touring the album, playing at Fiddler's Green in CO just a few weeks ago. Odesza has been an inspiration for many producers over the years including many of us on the New Something team. To honor the release of their new album we wanted to showcase 5 other artists who have a similar style to Odesza that we know you’ll love.


Listening to Pines is the closest I’ve been to hearing something truly reminiscent of Odesza’s earlier music.  Pines is an Australian group who started releasing singles in 2015 and has been gradually releasing new music since.  Pines’ styles consists of lush synths and textures and almost always focuses on a poppy vocal chop similar to Odesza’s first album “In Return”.  If you’re a fan of Odesza’s older music you definitely need to check out Pines.

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Signed to Odesza’s Label, Foreign Family Collective, and an opening act on Odesza’s current tour, it’s hard to make this list without Ford. Ford’s production features a more downtempo and lo-fi style while still remaining danceable and fun to listen to.  His ties to Odesza lie in the lush ambience of his music and his richness of his drums that he has managed to make uniquely his own.  Check out Ford. below.

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If you’re more of a fan of the more funky pop-electronic that has been featured on Odesza’s last two albums then you’ll love NASAYA.  Almost always featuring talented vocalists, upbeat house beats, and funky basslines, NASAYA is sure to put you in a good mood and make it impossible not to want to dance.

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Alex Baker

If you’re more interested in some easy listening downtempo and chill house that feels both nostalgic and introspective then you need to check out Alex Baker.  Alex Baker has a similar feel to artists like Shallou and some of Odesza’s slower songs while creating textures and feelings that are uniquely his own. 

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Pronouncedyea has been on my radar for a while now after finding their feel good dance track 2:38AM which reminded me of the classic “Pizza Guy” by Touch Sensitive.  This house track was the exception however since Pronouncedyea tends to focus on more future bass and trap rhythms often including plucky leads that have a similar vibe to the synths often used on Odesza’s latest album and their BRONSON project.

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We hope this list helped you discover some new artists. Make sure to show the featured artists some love and thanks for reading.