April 10, 2023

Andy Immerman's Red Rocks Debut

Andy Immerman has been a staple artist of the Denver house music scene. If you’ve ever been to a house or techno show at Vinyl, The Church and/or Bar Standard, you have probably been graced with a set from the man himself. Fresh off his headline show at Meow Wolf Convergence Station, Andy will be making his debut at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre on April 15th supporting a sold out show with Ben Bohmer, Bob Moses, Layla Benitez and more. We sat down with Andy to chat about his upcoming set, how he got started working with Bon Iver and so much more. Check out the full interview below.

First of all, congratulations on an epic year thus far…You have been keeping busy with loads of Denver shows as well as your headline at Meow Wolf alongside our friends Mckina & Weir. How does it feel to have your Red Rocks debut just around the corner?

It feels absolutely wild to say that I’m playing Red Rocks. I moved to Denver in 2010 to pursue music and Red Rocks is the one place everyone who does music wants to have a shot at playing and I’m humbled and fortunate enough to be able to play there. Debuting new music with my whole family and all of my friends there will be such a special moment for me as well as 

Most might not be aware that although you are primarily a DJ & electronic music artist, you actually got started on production with Bon Iver on his sophomore album “Bon Iver”. What was that experience like and how did that opportunity come to be?

I took music production lessons from Justin Vernon while I was in high school and he gave me my first copy of ableton around 2004. He was my camp counselor as well while I was growing up so we were friends and my family were friends with his. After I went to school in Minnesota my sophomore year I was looking to get back into doing more production and recording so I asked him if I could help him at his studio in my hometown over the summer. I ended up helping him build his recording studio and transferred back to my hometown for two years to work with him. We recorded over the course of that two years and then I moved to Denver in August of 2010. The following spring the album that I had worked on “Bon Iver, Bon Iver” ended up winning two grammys for best alternative album and best new artist. 

How did you find your way into the club scene after working with a more traditional singer/songwriter like Bon Iver? What was that transition like? Did anything or anyone particularly inspire that direction for you?

I had always wanted to dive deeper into creating electronic music as well as the more technical side of production and went to school at UC Denver and studied audio production. I think moving out to Denver coming from northern Wisconsin was a big culture shock for me at the time since I had never really been around any electronic music scene before, so that experience was humbling to say the least. I listened to a lot of bass music and electro around 2010 which over time grew my interest in house music. I played a few of my first shows on ableton and then became more accustomed to two track mixing on CDJ’s and Traktor which led me to where I’m at today with DJing. 

Andy Immerman Headlines at Meow Wolf

Last year, you co-created Split Second Presents alongside a few of our friends here in Denver. What inspired the formation of this collective and where do you see it going in the future?

All four of us (Joey Burton, Garrettson Streit, and Bear Remington) all had been playing music together for a few years and when we would play together we created this unmatched vibe wherever we were playing. We decided to create the collective out of our love for the type of music we play and the way we all work together so symbiotically. Things are just getting started with Split Second and you can be on the lookout for more shows from us as a collective this year. 

Anything else upcoming that you’d like to share?

I have a song called “Easy Love” that I wrote with Garrettson Streit thats coming out March 31st which I’m really excited about. I’m also playing Ophelias for the first time in May with Weval which will be really exciting since I’m a huge fan of them. Other than that, I’m in the studio a lot working on new music and plan on releasing a ton of new stuff this year. 

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