January 2, 2023

Happy Hour: Catching Up With Pinkowitz

For our 43rd volume of the Happy Hour series we were honored to get Colorado-artist Pinkowitz to provide us with an hour long mix of house music specifically curated by him. We got to sit down with Pinkowitz and talk to him about the inspiration behind the mix, his music making process, upcoming shows and more.

How would you describe the music you produce?

I produce Deep and Organic House music, and specialize in creating emotional melodies with danceable grooves. I've always been drawn to electronic music with compelling melodies, and that's the main thing that often gets me to close my eyes and drift away with a track. My goal for each song is to create a narrative that progresses over time.

Is there any song that you’ve released that you’re the most proud of? Why?

I'd have to say my first release, Hidden Pathway, which came out April 2022 on Sound Avenue. Getting my first track out into the world was a dream come true, and it's been amazing to see how much it's traveled across the globe. A close second would be my release Arrival of Spring on Singularity Records, which has a sample of my dog Neville in the track!

How long have you been producing and DJing?

I started producing when I was in high school, and was using FL Studio at the time. This was a great way to learn the building blocks of making tracks, but I had only started exploring at the time. I picked up my first DJ controller in 2015, and started mixing then! Being able to create new sounds from my favorite tracks was incredibly inspiring, and I started my Beets With Pinkowitz Mix Series around that time.

I picked up Ableton in 2019, and started diving deeper into the new workflow. After getting married in 2020 (and DJing at the cocktail hour at my own wedding!), the pandemic brought the world to a halt, and I found myself with time to dive deep into production skills. I then showed up daily in the studio with the goal of getting 1% better each day - and started building my library of original tracks. The journey continues to this day!

Pinkowitz during a live performance

What was your inspiration for the happy hour?

My happy hour mix starts with groovy downtempo, and evolves into deep/organic house, and also includes a little breakbeat for flavor! My goal for this mix was to play between tempos and genres, and to create a melodic journey with contrast! Many of these tracks were my favorites to play out live this year - and I threw in a few eclectic deep cuts and an original ID as well.

How do you spend your time outside of making music?

I love cooking, and am constantly trying new recipes. You're also highly likely to find me listening to a mix while out on the slopes - I love to snowboard!

Do you have any new music coming out soon?

Yes! Looking forward to releasing the Mythic EP with Quite Right Records on January 12. This is my first EP, and I'm really looking forward to it! I made these four tracks last winter, and love listening back to them while I watch the snow fall.

Anything else (shows, projects, etc)  you want to shout out?

I'll be performing at Beacon on January 20th! Would love to see you there, if you can make it! Will have plenty of fresh, unreleased IDs in store for the evening.

Thank you so much for the interview and feature! :)

We were grateful to have the opportunity to talk with Pinkowitz, Make sure to listen to his Happy Hour mix here: