August 16, 2021

Get To Know Nobide - An Interview

Nick Vann, known professionally as Nobide, is a musician, DJ, and record producer out of Boulder, CO. Focusing on bridging the gap between traditional instrumentation and electronica, Nobide’s performances and records range across many genres from bass music to ambient spaces. Nobide has performed nationally, playing at renowned festivals like Camp Bisco, Hulaween and Summer Camp.

NS: Where does the name “Nobide” come from? Does it have a meaning?

Nobide: I was reading a long form poem about Buddhism and a passage stuck out to me – it spoke about “not biding time” so that when you meet death you don’t go full of regret. Nobide means get up off your ass and make it happen, don’t wait around for things to work out. GO!

NS: Where are you from, and how did the place you grow up shape you?

Nobide: Born and raised in Boulder, CO baby. Being around mountains and having a music scene that had everyone passing through was (and is) really exciting. The phrase “twenty-five square miles surrounded by reality” definitely holds - I feel like I’ve been able to get deeper into my art living here… it feels like a fantasy land sometimes. Which is cool, but also kinda boring at times. Definitely motivates me to get out and see new places and check out new sounds.

NS: At this point you’re a pretty seasoned performer - you’ve toured nationally and played some major venues and festivals. Which gig was most memorable and why?

Nobide: Hulaween was a standout – I’d not spent much time in Florida and didn’t know what to expect, which was probably why it was so much fun. There were no expectations to be let down, so getting there and feeling the energy of everyone and having a crowd respond to the set like that was unbelievable.

NS: Nobide is a project that’s evolved many times, and is now entering a new chapter as a solo endeavor. What are your feelings about this transition? Do you have any intentions for the new chapter?

Nobide: I’m figuring it out – I think it’s going to be satisfying and different and exciting. I can try some stuff that would have been hard with a band. I’ll definitely miss being with my boys all the time, but I know we’ll still be working together. My goal right now is to throw as many stones as I can genre-wise, try out a lot of stuff, and really refine the sound I’ve been chasing. I want to find my fingerprint of “organic electronic” music and stamp it, hear it.

NS: You created your own major at CU Boulder’s Music Department. Where did the inspiration come from and what was the process like?

Nobide: I pretty much made it because I felt like there was nothing else that would work for me at the school. It was the first time I felt like my academic life crossed over and started having a semblance of connection to what I was interested in. I wrote a curriculum, got a team of professors to back me and presented it to the school, and got to chart my own course of study. My thesis project was the first Nobide record, “Contrary To Popular Belief,” and was an awesome opportunity to explore music technology and concepts around that.

NS: Do you have any advice for young producers and artists who desire a career in music?

Nobide: Keep it fun, make stuff that your friends like, hone in on your craft and your sound… and get out and find your people, keep it fun and work hard.

NS: As someone who was born and raised in Colorado, do you see yourself staying here for the rest of your life? If not, where do you see yourself living in 5 years?

Nobide: I honestly have no idea. I’ve been in one spot for so long that I’m definitely itching for a change of scenery. I want to keep exploring parts of the U.S. and Europe and see what inspires me and gets the juices flowing. It’s really important to me to have a community of artists that are pushing their style in whatever medium, so there’d probably need to be a good scene for me to want to move somewhere.

NS: Tell us a little bit about the process of making your latest single “Invisibilia”

Nobide: This was the first song I made entirely solo, and it was an exploration into a more dance-focused form. It’s not quite tech-house, it’s not quite house, I don’t know what the hell it is. It’s cool though, and I’m proud of the production. It’s got some more life than other electronic music in that style that I’m hearing and that feels good. It’s not quite what I would expect from Nobide, but it feels like a Nobide exploration into some different sounds.

NS: What’s next for Nobide?

Nobide: Onwards & upwards! Lots of new music and exploration. I’m exploring how to convey the Nobide sound through DJ’ing and looking forward to building a live show again. More collaboration. Who knows? I’m stoked to find out and stoked to share the journey.

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