September 10, 2020

Seradopa // Balancing Creativity

Miguel Tenorio (AKA Seradopa AKA DJ Capricorn) is one of the most inspiring creatives we have ever had the pleasure of working with. On the musical side, Miguel is a phenomenal DJ and has been curating his own very successful Spotify playlists, which feature a wide variety of amazing, undiscovered music. On the other hand, Miguel is also an incredible graphic designer and photographer. We caught up with the man himself to chat about his background, craft and how he manages to balance his creativity.

How long have you been DJ-ing & how did you get into it?

Been DJing since college so its about 6 years now but basically didn’t do anything last year so probably equivalent to 5 years at the this point - mainly got into it cause I was apart of the college radio station at Washington State University (KZUU 90.7FM - shoutout) and I got bored in my dorm so decided to teach myself and make my weekly radio show sound more professional.

What about your graphic design and other artistic ventures? How do you balance the two? Is it difficult?

Oh boy, my mind is racing with many different ideas. I honestly have a whole list on my notes app on different ventures I want to pursue, with small details and big picture ideas that just need more refining to make them possible. So basically I prioritize my brand first throughout the week and then over the weekend and in the shower (bless shower thoughts) I continue to fine tune my other creative ticks that I want to do. That’s how I’ve been balancing it the past couple of months.

You tend to create a wide variety of digital art - What is your favorite realm or style to explore and why?

Yeah you’re right, I’m constantly creating stuff and obviously not everything is shown for various reasons. But the realm that strikes my fancy is my retro collage art/surrealism. It’s how I started my lovely graphic design career, so it still has a soft spot in my heart from the rawness and storytelling that comes from it. It’s always a thrill to create that realm, even though I don’t really do it anymore.

Tell us about the Capricorn project? What inspired you to create this alias and how does it compare to YSHII?

“Capricorn” is that alter ego of mine that doesn’t come out often - the ego of darkness and lust, the rush you get just simply lose your mind to the chaos. It’s the poetic side of me, while YSHII (RIP) is the cutesy, fun and wild card side of my personality. YSHII is the passion and will always be about the smiles in the crowd.

Check out the brand new Capricorn mix on our Happy Hour Series.

How is your playlist going? When did that get started and how do you go about discovering and selecting tracks? What kind of music are you looking for?

I’ve kinda fallen off my “Horoscope” playlist since it started to become a job of finding new music every week to keep it updated. Though I have started a new one called “Jubilant” basically the same idea of “Horoscope” but with music I truly fuck with and will always have on repeat anyways AND I can update it whenever I want. Playlisting started with the missing the ability to show off music weekly like I was when I was working at the radio station - so I wanted an outlet to show people new music that’s out there. Finding the music is the fun task, I usually spend a solid 2 or so hours just searching all throughout Soundcloud (yes it’s not dead) and then on Thursday night, spend another 2 or so hours during New Music Friday on Spotify for the stuff I missed earlier in the week. The tracks I’m looking for… that’s a good question - I probably will say I’m looking for the unique, standout and just mesmerizing tracks that I’ll be hooked on for months to come. I just want to feel something different than the usual everyday stuff that people listen to every day. There is so much good music out there, just got to go digging for it.  

How have you been managing quarantine and what are you most looking forward to once things are back to “normal”?

Quarantine honestly changing everything - mainly in the most positive ways. I essentially got to learn that I didn’t want to just work for a company that I’ve been draining myself at and also I’ve surprisingly have met so many new friends over this time. So I believe once things start to become safer for myself and everyone else, I think the thing I’m more excited for is to meet my new gained friends and just travel to hang with my friends who I miss.

What’s next for Capricorn/Seradopa?

Capricorn? Hides away until some energy needs to be let out, so until the darkness needs to be let out again Capricorn, will be the alter ego that keeps me balanced. Seradopa? I honestly never expected to see the growth of the brand as it is now. So honestly the next step is staying humble and just continuing to help others - it’s crazy that so many support the message. I definitely want to connect more than I already have so that’s one thing but there’s a lot what Seradopa can be and I think I’m just gonna let it do it’s thing and see what happens.

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