May 11, 2022

Seradopa: One Of The Hardest Working Designers In The Music Industry

Over the past few years of the pandemic, Miguel Tenorio, known professionally as Seradopa Designs has carved out an impressive career as a graphic designer, blog writer, and concert photographer with some major agencies in the music industry such as Eleven11 Management, Electric Hawk, and Wakaan. How did Seradopa rise to this position in his field? He'll tell you it was 80 hour work weeks with no days off, keeping his head down and working throughout the quarantine, and constantly maintaining rigorous self-discipline. We asked Seradopa about his professional journey, how he likes to work, some of his favorite clients, and more...

Your art / graphic design project, Seradopa, has taken off over the last few years. What has that journey been like? When were you able to go full time?

The journey…. Honestly the journey is still ongoing. I am constantly striving to learn some new things and continue to expand on this seradopa brand. I still am trying to figure out the end result of what I want to accomplish and fulfill a higher purpose than anything that is going on. But throughout the journey at least, I have been able to basically go full-time and start making some money in 2021. I did quit my full-time retail job in 2020 to just sit down and continue to work on myself and brand but I guess in societal terms of how to make money and going full-time it was definitely in 2021.

You’ve collaborated with some big names in the music industry - most notably some very influential women (such as Pauline Herr, Blossom, Rossy)! Talk about some of your favorite clients and how the connections came about.

I am extremely picky with who I want to work with and my goal has always been to elevate and continue to work with some extremely influential women in the industry. So I don’t necessarily have a favorite [laughs] they are all incredible in communicating their visions and making everything feel so easy. I try to uphold these kinds of connections the most because overall it’s all genuine and we are all trying to create something cool. Most of the connections I have made with these clients are them reaching out to me through DMs and yes I was freaking out internally cause I couldn’t believe these powerful influences wanted to work with me, someone who is still pretty new in the scene but they all trusted in my ability to make their visions come to life. Basically I owe a lot of my success today to all these powerful women in my life that I still keep in contact with fairly regularly!

What is your work schedule like? How do you manage your time between all of the different projects you’re working on?

Oh gosh [laughs] well my work schedule is essentially 24/7 - 365 now in 2022. I don’t essentially have a schedule besides always being “ON” in some sort of capacity. I check emails, DMs, and everything in between pretty frequently with clients. I work with three different agencies that all need attention. Now managing my time - honestly I have no idea how I turn in some projects at times. There are definitely some late nights to finish some renders so I can email clients the next morning. And then there are some projects that come quickly and can be turned in within the next day. Basically my overall goal is to at least turn things in “on-time” and that does require some kind of time-management on my handy sticky notes on my desk on what needs to be created on this day and what needs to be created on another day. 

Seradopa Designs' artwork for Blossom "Full Bloom Vol. 2"

Are you still based in Denver? Do you mainly work remote from your home or are you commuting into an office or studio these days?

I do still live in Denver! I do work in an office in the RiNo district of Denver for 11E1even Group during the week and do a lot of the freelance stuff remotely at home. So it’s pretty split evenly but most of the time I am in an office nowadays!

When and where do you work the best, and why?

I would say at home! I technically can’t lug around my desktop [laughs] if I could find and afford a high power laptop that manages all my Photoshop, After Effects and Blender needs then let me know [laughs] but anyways I do tend to make my most unique stuff at night. My mind tends to roam better at night when no one really is online to bug with questions or ideas, especially since I really tend to put my phone on Do Not Disturb mode at night. Night just gives me a free realm to myself and see where that leads me. Some nights I start working at like 9pm and then check the clock again at it’s 2am! It’s wild how time flies when you escape reality just for a moment. 

Seradopa's social media often showcases positive messages

Do you have any other creative outlets besides digital art?

I wish! That’s basically the goal this summer is to venture away from my computer and learn some new hobbies since my hobby became my full-time job. Looking into mixology, freshing up my skills on Chess, and who knows. I do have a very creative mind, I do write but maybe it’s time to finally write that novel I have been pushing back! 

Are there any movies/books/artworks that heavily influence your work?

Everything tends to inspire me. I am heavily inspired by colors and uniqueness. I do tend to draw to the 70s/80s aesthetic and lately the popular resurgence of Y2K lately. Again I just like really cool and unique aesthetics. And definitely have always wanted to mesh the two of 70s and Y2K together somehow! 

Tour poster for Layz by Seradopa Designs

You’re a very talented artist with a pretty deep toolbox of skills. Are there any graphic design skills that you’d still like to improve upon?

Everything! Every week it seems I am still learning something new in Photoshop alone. I don’t think I am that good at any of the programs, that is why I tend to constantly keep learning new tricks or anything in every program. Whether that be Photoshop, After Effects or Blender. I just love learning! The Graphic Design field is always learning something new and exploring different outputs as different themes/trends become popular every year. If I can learn a new trend while staying colorful and vibrant in my style then I am content. But again, you can always learn something new in Graphic Design every day. It’s pretty endless! 

What does the future look like for you and the Seradopa project?

I never really know. Everything is changing rapidly. As long as I can maintain and accomplish something cool that is great. I don’t look too much into the future. I like creating for the now and seeing how that makes an impact! 

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