March 3, 2023

Shady Jones: Colorado’s Newest Dirtybirds

Denver-based artists Owie and Rein Tahk joined forces this past year to create their new duo project, Shady Jones. The boys have seen rapid success with shows all over Denver & recently launched their own label “Mad Sus Records” with an accompanying warehouse event series. We sat down with the duo to chat about their label, recent Dirtybird release and their upcoming Meow Wolf show – Scroll down to check out the interview.

Grab tickets to see Shady Jones + Dirtybird players at Meow Wolf on 3/11.

First and foremost, congratulations on all your recent success. It has been awesome to watch you guys get together and grow so quickly. How did you guys first get connected and how did this project come to be?

Thank you! Yes we met back in May at a Niterinse show, but it wasn’t until July when we met again at another Niterinse event that we would both come to find out about one another's sobriety and passion for music production. As this commonality is so rare this was worth having a session. During this session it became apparent that there was musical chemistry and a mutual desire to create abstract, weird house music. 

You guys recently released “iComputer” on Dirtybird’s Birdfeed - How does it feel to have that kind of recognition from such a world-renowned label in just the first few months of your project?

Surreal. We both have aspired to be a part of such an innovative record label. Not to mention we look up to literally all the artists associated with Dirtybird. We are very grateful to be welcomed into the Dirtybird community with open arms.

You guys recently started your own label (Mad Sus Records) & event series…How has all of that been going so far? The warehouse parties have been looking very proper.

Thank you so much. We are extremely grateful for the support that we have received thus far from the Denver house music community. Our goal was to create an inclusive environment with the intention of showcasing artists who are unapologetically themselves; as is our crowd. We love the little family we are building.

As far as your label goes, what kind of sound are you guys hoping to showcase? Are you guys currently accepting demos? If so, what is the best way for artists to get in touch?

When we started Mad Sus we wanted to provide a safe space for like-minded producers to showcase their creativity in the weirder or wonkier spaces of sound. Staying far from the bubblegum Tech House scene, we decided to usher in a new wave. The amount of producers that have reached out to get involved illustrates that there is a high demand for a home for this distinct sound. 

We are accepting demos through Demoworx. There is a link in our bio on our 

instagram, (@madsusrecs), labeled “DEMOS” for any eager artists who aren’t 

afraid to get a little weird within the 126-136 BPM range. We like Tech House, Bass 

House, UK Garage, Techno; we’re open to it all. 


What’s next for Shady Jones? Anything exciting on the horizon you care to share?

Absolutely everything is CLASSIFIED. Kidding. We’re really excited about Danceportation at Meow Wolf with the Dirtybird crew March 11th, 2023. We also have the namesake track for Mad Sus Records “Mad Sus” coming out March 17th, 2023 that started it all. We can’t give too much away at the moment, however we have signed some originals to some of our favorite labels. Those will be coming to you soon in 2023! 

Again, we are humbled by the support we’ve received in such a short time frame. 

We are so happy to be able to do what we love with the people that we love. Y’all are the real MVP.

Catch Shady Jones at Meow Wolf Danceportation alongside the Dirtybird Players on 3/11 – Get Tickets Here.
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