December 15, 2021

Thank You Supermoon

For the past 6 months, New Something has enjoyed the privilege of curating a weekly DJ residency at Boulder Colorado’s hottest nightlife spot: Supermoon. Supermoon isn’t just a fun bar, restaurant and nightclub - it’s become the hub of a burgeoning scene, a place where producers, DJs, music lovers and dance fanatics can all gather and share beautiful moments together. As music makers we feel blessed to have Supermoon as a local testing ground for our unreleased tunes, especially one where there’s such an open-minded audience (and the Traction Sound system doesn’t hurt, either). read on to learn more…

Supermoon is a high-end boutique nightclub Boulder, CO, which draws an eclectic crowd of local dance enthusiasts and college students looking for a unique, curated, multi-sensory experience. Since that’s the audience the ‘Moon’ draws, it’s been the absolute perfect place for New Something artists to develop their fan bases and try out new sounds. The back 2 back sessions we often feature have been especially cool since they often end up being unique sonic blends. We had Derdy Harry x Tripleset spinning an hour of drum and bass, Parmajawn x Emerald Wells breaking out the disco classics, and mxxnwtchers x Weir throwing down heavy techno in the late night hours. On the visual side of things, Devan Corona aka Amplified Visuals has been consistently upgrading his lighting rig, bringing vibrant lights and lasers night after night.

Photo: Connor Flynn

New Something wants to thank the amazing staff at Supermoon who transform the room from a classy restaurant into a swanky nightclub every single weekend. These wonderful people running the show have become close friends of ours, and do such a beautiful job curating safe and outrageously fun nightlife. They really fill a space that Boulder so desperately needed - a proper inclusive, vibrant and artist-friendly nightclub. We also want to thank all of our local supporters who show up to every New Something Friday at Supermoon, we feel so fortunate to be dancing with you again. Thank you for always bringing the best vibes to the party!

Our Supermoon Boulder residency will continue into 2022, so if you haven’t made it to one of our Friday nights yet there’ll be plenty more opportunities coming up.

Join us before the show goes on, Supermoon has happy hour from 4pm to 6pm Tuesday-Saturday featuring $3 Supermoon Popcorn, $5 Crab Rangoons, $5 Pork gyoza, $5 Gai lan dumplings, $5 Fries with golden Curry Mayo, and other eclectic dishes. Supermoon is located: 909 Walnut St, Boulder, CO 80302