October 17, 2022

Weir Unveils New Seasonal Mix Series: Elements

New Something artist, Weir, has been making constant moves this year and is back with something special. Weir recently announced his new mix series Elements which provides a deeper look into the music that inspires him that might not be heard at one of his shows. We sat down with Weir to learn more about the inspiration and purpose behind this new series.

What is “Elements” and what inspired its creation?

Elements is a new seasonal mix series that I have been quietly developing over the past year. Each mix will be presented as an audio-visual experience hyperfocused on a specific theme, allowing me to carefully curate each selection while showcasing a broader scope of Weir. 

The first edition showcases some of my favorite downtempo, psychedelic tracks all centralized around the primal and ritualistic nature of fire. 

After a busy year of playing shows, truth be told, I have often felt limited regarding what kind of music I can play out, given the typical goal at a club is to keep people moving aka play faster music. With this series, I wanted break that barrier down and really open up my sound to showcase some of my favorite tracks that 1) deeply inspire me and 2) you would frankly never hear me play at an actual show.

My hope is that through this series, I can help others discover some new artists they love while providing a deeper look into my sound; Where my own original creations can not only sit, but thrive.

Anything upcoming that you are excited about?

Elements will return in early 2023 alongside a ton of new Weir releases…Beyond that, mxxnwatchers and I have been working on a project for the last 6 months that we are really excited to share in the next few weeks.

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