April 20, 2022

mxxnwatchers x Weir: "Here's 5 Artists To Get High To On 4/20"

Mxxnwatchers & Weir recently released their sophomore EP, Stoner House, which blends elements of roots reggae with modern dance music. The duo has been developing this unique sound for a couple of years, pulling inspiration from all over the world. To celebrate 4/20, the boys have gathered a selection of their favorite downtempo artists & curated the perfect playlist for your next sesh. Grab your bud, roll one up and enjoy.

5. Zuma Dionys

One of our absolute favorites in the organic house realm - Always provides the grooviest percussion atop massive growling bass sounds.

Check out Zuma Dionys on Spotify

4. Iorie

Iorie’s productions ride the line between dance-floor downtempo and ethereal house with beautifully, unique vocals and deeply immersive soundscapes.

Check out Iorie on Spotify

3. Nevel

Nevel is a recent friend of the label, although we have been dedicated fans for years. Perfect for the playa, Nevel blends meditation music with big, driving percussion rhythms.

Check out Nevel on Spotify

2. Oliver Koletzki

Fresh off his headline show at Club Vinyl with Dynohunter, Oliver Koletzki is a unique case for this list as his tempo range is far greater than the other artists listed. If you enjoy his slower music and are looking to pick up the vibe, be sure to check out the more uptempo tracks in his catalog.

Check out Oliver Koletzki on Spotify.

1. Goldcap

A visionary and true staple for the Burning Man community - Goldcap’s mission with his productions is to preserve ancient sounds, styles and instruments by combining them with more modern electronic elements. It was truly a blessing to set the vibe for him and to see him perform last week at Beacon.

Check out Goldcap on Spotify

Listen to “Something to Blaze to” on Spotify Now.


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